Royal Breffni Tours operate a fleet of Coaches in Meath. We operate 4 Daily bus service to Dundalk IT from all over Meath, Cavan and Dublin.We have a range of Minibuses and Coaches of various sizes available for all Occasions, including Partys, Weddings, Debs, School Tours, Football Matchs, Concerts, etc.

Royal Breffni Tours also organise School Tours at The Crystal Maze, Irelands Biggest Hedge Maze.

Latest News

Royal Breffni Tours are delighted to announce the expansion of our daily services to DKIT.

Now we have high Frequency Services from Navan to DKIT operating 3 times per day passing through Navan, Slane + Collon as well as Castletown and Wilkinstown.

This will come as great news to new and existing students in these towns and surrounding areas who commute to Dundalk on a daily basis

The newly introduced 32-week term ticket for just €999 has proved a great success making the bus the most cost effective way of getting to college.

Anyone wishing to use the service should contact 087 9667276 or find Royal Breffni Tours on Facebook.


New for 2016 / 2017! Season Ticket now even better value!

We are still offering great value to our loyal customers.

Save over €750! The cost of 32 weekly tickets is over €1,750. The season ticket costs just €999.

To purchase a season ticket, forward a cheque for €999 made payable to 'Royal Breffni Tours'. Your ticket is valid on any Royal Breffni Tours Coach from DkIT until May 2017.

Tickets can only be used by the owner of the ticket and are non-refundable.

Bailieborough to Dundalk

Depart To Dundalk
(Monday- Friday mornings)
Bailieborough (Tesco) 7.45am + 9.45am
Kingscourt (Europa) 8.00am + 10.00am
Drumconrath(Shop) 8.15am + 10.15am
Ardee 8.30am + 10.30am
Dundalk 8.50am + 10.50am

Dundalk to Bailieborough

5pm Return from Dundalk Return from Dundalk
(Monday - Friday evenings) (Friday evenings)
Dundalk 3.00pm + 5.00pm 1.00pm + 4.00pm
Ardee 3.20pm + 5.25pm 1.20pm + 4.20pm
Drumconrath(Shop) 3.30pm + 5.35pm 1.35pm + 4.35pm
Kingscourt (Europa) 3.45pm + 5.45pm 1.45pm + 4.45pm
Bailieborough (Tesco) 3.55pm + 6.00pm 1.55pm + 4.55pm

Dunshaughlin to Dundalk

Depart To Dundalk
(Monday –Friday mornings)
Dunshaughlin(Bank) 6.50am
Mulhuddart (Filling station) 7.15am
Clonee (Peugeot Garage) 7.22am
Dunboyne (Main Street) 7.25am
Sheaf Of Wheat 7.30am
FairyHouse Cross 7.34am
Ratoath (Ronald Duff) 7.45am
Ashbourne (Stags head) 7.55am
Kilmoon Cross(at the cross) 8.00am
Duleek (Londis shop) 8.13am
Dundalk 8.50am

Dundalk to Dunshaughlin

5pm Return from Dundalk 1pm Return From Dundalk
(Mon- Thurs evenings) (Friday evenings)
Dundalk 5.00pm 1.00pm
Duleek (Londis shop) 5.35pm 1.35pm
Kilmoon Cross(at the cross) 5.45pm 1.45pm
Ashbourne (Stags head) 5.55pm 1.55pm
Ratoath (Ronald Duff) 6.05pm 2.05pm
FairyHouse Cross 6.15pm 2.15pm
Sheaf of Wheat 6.18pm 2.18pm
Dunboyne (Main Street) 6.20pm 2.20pm
Clonee (Peugeot Garage) 6.22pm 2.22pm
Mulhuddart (Filling station) 6.25pm 2.25pm
Dunshaughlin (Bank) 6.45pm 2.45pm
Trim to Dundalk

Depart to Dundalk
(Monday - Friday)
Trim (Bus stop on Ring road) 7.35am
Navan (Shopping Centre) 7.55am + 10.00am
Wickers Cross 8.05am + 10.10am
Slane (Slane NS) 8.15am + 10.20am
Collon (Donegans Pub) 8.25am + 10.30am
Dundalk (arrival time) 8.50am + 10.55am

Dundalk to Trim

3pm + 5pm From Dundalk Depart from Dundalk
(Monday - Friday evenings) (Friday evenings)
Dundalk 3.00pm + 5.00pm 1.00pm + 4pm
Collon (Donegans Pub) 3.25pm + 5.25pm 1.25pm + 4.25pm
Slane (Slane NS) 3.35pm + 5.35pm 1.35pm + 4.35pm
Wickers Cross 3.45pm + 5.45pm 1.45pm + 4.45pm
Navan (Shopping Centre) 3.55pm + 5.55pm 1.55pm + 4.55pm
Trim (Ring road) 6.10pm 2.10pm

Kells to Dundalk

Depart To Dundalk
Dundalk (Mon-Fri)
Moynalty(McCabes Pub) 7.30am
Carolanstown(Main street) 7.35am
Kells(Headford Arms) 7.40am
Silver Tankard 7.47am
Navan (Topaz Station) 7.55am
Kilberry (Scanlons) 8.05am
Wilkinstown (Teirnans Pub) 8.10am
Castletown (Finns) 8.20am
Woodtown (Donoughues) 8.35am
Ardee 8.45am
Dundalk 8.50am

Dundalk to Kells

5pm From Dundalk 1pm Depart from Dundalk
(Monday - Thursday) (Friday evenings)
Dundalk 5.00pm 1.00pm
Ardee 5.20pm 1.20pm
Woodtown (Donoughues) 5.30pm 1.30pm
Castletown (Finns) 5.37pm 1.37pm
Wilkinstown (Teirnans Pub) 5.45pm 1.45pm
Kilberry (Scanlons) 5.50pm 1.50pm
Navan (Topaz Station) 5.55pm 1.55pm
Silver Tankard 6.05pm 2.05pm
Kells(Headford Arms) 6.10pm 2.10pm
Carolanstown(Main street) 6.15pm 2.15pm
Moynalty(McCabes Pub) 6.20pm 2.20pm